High Pressure Cleaning 

High Pressure Cleaning Specialists 


There are many kinds of dirt and grime, and different ways to deal it. Sometimes the answer is not found in a chemical product. Sometimes, to get that deep clean you’re looking for you just needs a bit of pressure.


Galaxy Property Services offers you the high pressure cleaning service that is suitable for hard surfaces around your home.

By using a high pressure cleaner we can work back through the layers of dirt and grime. Depending on the situation a cleansing product may be required. 

Dirt, plant life and grime can eat away at, and burrow into your surfaces, and can cause sealants and coatings to disintegrate. This can lead to damage to your wood and deterioration of your brick/stonework. This, in turn, can let moisture in and cause deeper problems. A high pressure clean will strip dirt and grime back. 

High Pressure Cleaning is Very Effective on the Following:

Concrete, Tiles, Paving, Exposed Aggregate
Driveways, Paths, Walkways, Car parks and Curbing
House Washing; Veranda’s, Balconies, Stairs
Fencing and Retaining Walls
Swimming Pool Areas, Patios and other Outdoor Areas

Service Areas

Brisbane Northside, Brisbane CBD, East Brisbane, Brisbane Western Suburbs , South Brisbane 

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